Global expansion partners

With a team of 40 people, we are a dynamic firm especially formed to help companies, institutions and personnel move into the Netherlands and Europe, helping companies achieve their international expansion objectives. We have spirit and mindset of a young company, but are powered by companies with a long track record, and executives and senior consultants with a vast experience in global expansion services.

Reasons to move into the Netherlands and Europe

The Netherlands has a central geographical location to serve markets within Europe, Middle East and Africa.

It is a member of the European Union and has direct access to the European Union market with over 450 million consumers, free movement of goods and employees within the EU

Vydenz’ Service

Our goal is to be a trustworthy partner to our clients, by fully understanding their unique requirements.

We help your executives to merge into local business and cultural communities, because we strongly believe that a happy executive will improve the company’s success rate.

Our entrepreneurial

We noticed that International Companies need specific advice when they are expanding into Europe, so our founding partners who both have successful companies and (from 1993) expertise in this area formed Vydenz from two companies each one in itself formed by a dynamic go-ahead entrepreneur…